Ken Braun: The tax code wastes more money than General Motors generates

By the IRS’s own reckoning, the economic waste created by its annual tax rules costs the equivalent of about half of everything produced by everybody in Michigan. If GM was… Read more »

Guest column: How the renewable fuel standard is costing you at restaurants

As corn prices remain artificially inflated due to RFS blending requirements, restaurant costs continue to rise affecting the industry and consumers alike.

American greed: Ex-girlfriend of former Ann Arbor investor who scammed $1 million reveals life of lies

Collin Seigle was “obsessed” with the television show “American Greed” and how white-collar crooks like Bernie Madoff pulled off their scams, according to Shonita Scott, his ex-girlfriend and the mother… Read more »

Plans for new splash pad in Washtenaw County put in motion

Kids and families may have a new place to splash around in Ford Lake Park this summer.

Ann Arbor area lawmakers look to secure additional road funding, despite party affiliation

Washtenaw County state representatives are hopeful that they will be able to secure additional funding for local road construction as the legislature returns from a 3-week spring break Thursday.